Find a market that we are excited to enter.


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We should not be thinking about these data points as binary (yes or no). If a market has 100,000 people vs 30,000 people that doesn't help us make a decision. We could make a priority matrix or equation that gives us an objective number to compare but we aren't skilled enough to know what an acceptable rate of variance is for some of these data points. Instead, we should scorecard these out and show the differences in a graphical or colorful way to show where a market is very different than the rest.

  1. Start with a Google Search
  2. Read BiggerPocket sentiment
  3. Look at turnkey providers
  4. Look on Roofstock

Data sources

In order to have consistent data, I will pull all my information from the following resources. These appear to be accurate and have a published methodology with them.

  1. Datausa.io
  2. United States Census Bureau quick facts table view

More Resources

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